Listen to this AI created version of Eminem’s classic track ‘My Name Is' - Craffic

An AI bot has just created a new version of Eminem’s classic track ‘My Name Is’. And to be honest guys it’s even more spot on and very interesting to hear.

This single was first delivered back in 1999 and shows up on Marshall Mathers‘ second studio collection, ‘The Slim Shady’.

And recently, the 30 Hertz YouTube channel has posted a video named ‘What if Eminem wrote “My Name Is” in 2021?’ demo version which was made utilizing AI innovation. It has since enrolled more than 923,000 views as of writing. However, the full version of the same track has debuted on its sister channel 40 Hertz and has gained more than 336,000 views as of writing.

The verses of the present day version of ‘My Name Is’ references Billie Eilish’s “dazzling green” hair (“that is no joke”), Drake, K-Pop, Twitter and also Donald Trump.

“Got pissed off and ripped Donald Trump’s wig clean off/and smacked him so hard he had a heart attack like Rick Ross”, a later line goes. 

“The voice is wonderful to such an extent that it’s agitating,” wrote one fan concerning the realistically blended vocals. Another said: “He is roasting each vocalist out there I love it.” 

Meanwhile, last November, 30 Hertz and the Calamity AI both created an ‘Eminem Deepfake Song’ in which the rapper aimed at Facebook proprietor Mark Zuckerberg. 

“We inputted the title ‘Mark Zuckerberg Diss in the Style of Eminem’ and let the AI compose the rest,” Calamity AI clarified. “From that point, we sent the verses to 30HZ, who incorporated also, made the vocals.”

Now as the voice behind these clever deepfake is not a actual person and even then its quite interesting to hear, once again proves that how much inovative AI is and how much better it can create things outside of the human consciousness.



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