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YouTube’s new tool called “Checks”, lets its users to check for potential copyright violations just before a video goes is published on the platform and also about the monetizing stauts of that video. This new featue/tool can be really helpful for those who still gets copyright claims after using platform’s AI-powered Content ID (which prevents illegal uploads of copyrighted material) and even if they haven’t violated any YouTube’s policies.

YouTube says that the process of copyright scan only takes three minutes, while on the other hand the process of checking content’ Ad-suitability and to see if it can be monetized via ads or not, takes around 4-5 minutes. Now users can publish their videos while the process is still running. But we suggest you publish your videos after the checks process is done, as the whole idea here is to warn creators in advance, instead of receiving copyright claims or restrictions for using ads later. Now once the Checks process is complete, users can see green checkmarks (for pass), or yellow/red (for alerts), if there’s an issue in their video.

If Checks tool detects any copyright issues in your video, dont worry, the same tool will let you see all the details like at which portion of your video its getting a copyright, at what timecode disputed content is appearing, and what you can do to fix the issues. As claims goes into effect after the video gets public, to avoid those copyright caims creators can edit, trim, mute or remove those portions by using YouTube studio’s built-in editing tools, can re-upload a new version of that portion or can dispute the claims if they think that the system has made a mistake.

Simlarly, if Checks tool flags your video for going against the YouTube’s Ad-friendly content guidelines, you can update the video, change its metadata or thumbnail and can also dispute the claim if you think system has made a mistake. However, if you want to dispute the claim, you can request a real person to review your video. And after the completion of this reqesut you will recvie an email about the same, but it can take several days to complete.

Youtube also warns that the Checks tool will only scan your video for potential copyright claims during the initial upload. So it will still be open for manual copyright claims and can be penalized even after going through the checks process. Overall YouTube is trying to make Content ID claims easier to deal with, by using the new Checks tool.


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