Boston Dynamics Robots Spitting Fire on Dance Floor

Boston Dynamics – Robot Bucket List

So if we talk about the present day, what a robot can do? Boston Dynamics has some kind of bucket list as whatever we may think is being done by Atlas and Spot robots like- sprinting, parkour, backflips, gymnastic routines, wash dishes, even open doors, and even get an actual job. But the list doesn’t end here as they are doing one more thing now as per the latest video i.e. showing some hot dance moves.

The entire lineup of robots of the Boston Dynamics is seen in the video which is – Atlas: The Humanoid, Spot: Pet Dog, and the box-juggling Handle came together in a coordinated, grooving dance number based on the music of “Do You Love Me”.

Spot on Uptown Funk

Although this may not be the first time where Boston Dynamics is showcasing the dance of their robots as the previous video also spotted Spot in 2018 doing a Running man to “Uptown Funk”. But the video this time is something that has not been observed before as the Atlas is seen shuffling, jumping, twirling, and running on the dance floor through various moves.

Boston Dynamics - Spot

Not a CGI Creation

And not only Atlas but more line of robots join it in a coordinated fashion which may doubt some dance routines of many individuals. Someone may be pondering that Atlas in 2016 had more jerky movements, so it may be a CGI creation but Elon Musk tweeted that it is not CGI.

Hyundai recently purchased Boston Dynamics, which bought a robotic firm from SoftBank for $1.1 billion. This company was established as a spin-off in 1992 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where it became in-demand for its dog-like quadrupedal robots. In 2013 it was bought by Alphabet’s X division, and eventually by Softbank in 2017.

Prototypes of Robots

Atlas Handle robots featured here are still just research prototypes, but Boston Dynamics has recently started selling the Spot model to any company that is willing to pay them a considerable price of $74,500.But then a question arises can you put a price on creating your legion of boogieing robot minions?    



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