Deep Nostalgia – A New AI Brings Life to Still Photos

Deep Nostalgia by MyHeritage

Twitter has new trending going on as a brand-new AI-powered service recognized as Deep Nostalgia that uses animation to bring life to still photos. People are using this AI to bring up the creepiest fake videos possible for the world to share joy. 

This AI named Deep Nostalgia service is being brought to the public by MyHeritage by making use of AI licensed from D-ID to create the effect that a still photo is moving. This feature is more like a live photos feature of iOS which adds a life of a few seconds to a still photo to get the best shot. 

Deep Nostalgia

Photos of Any Camera Reanimated

But for this AI, you don’t need a high-definition camera or an expensive phone as it can read photos of any camera and bring them the energy of life. The program is intelligent enough to choose from a pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements that suit the best scenario. This is an affectionate way to bring your dead loved ones into life and create a moment of joy among the user.

How to Create One?

So, if one wants to create such a life full video out of a still photo, they can signup for free and create an account on MyHeritage and then upload a photo. After that, it is more like sit back and relax as the process is automated where the site enhances the image before animating it and creating a gif. And the question of privacy is answered in FAQ as they state that the photos uploaded are not shared with third parties. The main page also shows a message that the photos uploaded without signing up will be deleted automatically to respect your privacy. 

And this program is all over Twitter where it used to post a new meme resulting in the real-world test for the AI. The Ai is pushed to limit as an archaeologist used photos of ancient statues with blank eyes and AI did his job to the best. 

Only Faces Reanimated

The AI- Deep Nostalgia can produce gif of single headshots with animation available only for faces. So, don’t plan to re-animate mummies that could walk or maybe there release a new patch, then we may be able to. And the free tier for MyHeritage allows you to upload only 5 images and after that, you need to loosen your pockets. 

Although Deep Nostalgia doesn’t produce voiceover for the images, although they did create a voice for a reanimated Abraham Lincoln.

This is quite clear that the dead could not be brought to life with this animation but one could make a lot of money out of the dead and people who miss them. The AI is worth trying but at its own risk of privacy. 



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