A very compact programable keyboard using Raspberry Pi Pico - Craffic
Credit: Duzitbetter

If you’re a fan of custom keyboards or want to make your own keyboard from scratch, then check this all mechanical 3D printed custom Raspberry Pi Pico keypad made by a Reddit user Duzitbetter.

First spotted by Tom’s Hardware, instead of designing its own PCB, Duzitbetter decided to make 3D printed custom channels for its keypad to route the copper wires from the keys to the Raspberry Pi Pico. It took about 30 minutes to assemble it.

  • 3D Printed Circuit In Mechanical Keypad
  • 3D Printed Circuit In Mechanical Keypad
  • 3D Printed Circuit In Mechanical Keypad

Duzitbetter says the board, circuit, case, and keycaps all were designed just for this project and 3D-printed with the help of Prusa MK3S. Now the end result is a 9-key Pico-powered 3 x 3 layout keypad which can be easily programmed with custom macros. Now, adjusting the functions of each key is as easy as editing a file on the Raspberry Pi Pico i.e. via using micro USB.

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