Kaido against Nekomamushi

With only a few hours left for the release of Chapter 988 of One Piece. The approaching chapter includes revealing of the Nekomamushi’s trump card against Kaido.

Previously on One Piece

The fight between Kaido, Nekomamushi, Ashuaduji, and Denjiro is likely to be shown in One Piece Chapter 988. In the previous chapter of One Piece i.e. Chapter 987, they showed the manga enthusiasts the context of the imminent fight between the Oden’s scabbards and the Beast Pirates’ captain.


Based on the latest spoilers, the new chapter seems to give hints to the fans of more powerful Nekomamushi taking revenge against Oden and Zou.

King of the Night against Beast Pirate’s Captain

Kaido will be fighting against Nekomamushi, Ashuaduji, and Denjiro in the latest chapter. IBT noted that the King of the Night in Zou is expected to fight the Beast Pirate’s Captain with one hand only as his other hand holds its two tails. Three Minks’ Musketeers alongside Inuarashi would be fighting against Jack, as per the spoilers.

Chapter 988: I Waited a Lot

Title of the One Piece Chapter 988 is ‘I waited a lot’. In the early pages, it will show the fight between Kaido and Oden’s Scabbards. The imminent chapter is likely to show the triumph of Luffy over Kaido. The fans are more excited to see what type of strategies will Luffy use against powerful Kaido to defeat him in the upcoming Chapter.

Luffy trying hard

Although Luffy has been training hard inside the Udon prison by beating off gifters and guards. The witness of how Luffy continues to thrash the rivals is the old man Hyogoro.

Luffy has been training hard inside the Udon prison

Summary of One-piece Chapter 988 depicts that Kaido clearly warns Momo that he will spare him only if he is not here for Kozuki. Momo by shouting takes the name of Momonosuke Kozuki and suddenly an explosion takes place, failing Kaido to exterminate Momo.

And Chapter 988 will include depicting Luffy is learning Ryou, which will lead him to defeat Kaido. The first man to pierce Kaido and almost beat him was Oden. Hence, there are great chances of Luffy to defeat the powerful warrior.

Release of Chapter 988

The Chapter is supposed to be on air on Monday, August 24. You must stay tuned to Craffic for more such One Piece latest update.


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