Protecting Interplanetary Life Forms from contamination

We all know life and that complex and abundant it is here on Earth it goes from viruses to blue whales. We have seen many viruses and bacterias and how small and complex they are it’s mesmerizing. But not every life form here is neutral and safe to play around with. We all have seen some fatal diseases causing viruses and bacterias to other life forms. This is a very dangerous game to play with anything alien to our body it’s like one second you are walking and living and in the next second, you are lying dead. This all can happen here on Earth.

As you know that humanity is taking some big steps and soon we are going to land on Mars it is a very big step for us. Our ancestors wouldn’t even have thought about it that we can do this too. So now getting back to the point as we do not know that if any kind of life form exists on other planets too. We have researched it from like million kilometers away and we didn’t find any big life forms and neither did we found any bacterial life forms.

We did all this research with the help of small robots and satellites we have not been there physically although we have been to the moon, still, we don’t trust the idea that there is no life form in there because there is still a probability and we can’t take our chances. This the fact we quarantine astronauts when they come back to earth from space.

Govt has passed some strict rules regarding not to contaminate any interplanetary life form with an alien life form to that planet this is for both sides we don’t take anything contaminated from there and also we don’t put anything contaminated there. As space industries are growing it is something serious for govt to keep us safe.

Even if we think that there is no life form on other planets but still it can be there right under our noses it can be present there in the microform which feeds on some sort of chemicals in the atmosphere. Possibilities are not imaginable how diverse life can be because we still have to find the key to the pandora box which has all the secrets of life that how to create one and what else can be called a life form.

So to keep any kind of threats away we tend to follow these rules to not to wipe out life from an entire planet. It might be possible that there is micro life on another planet that is maintaining an equilibrium there and we accidentally put something alien there so it can end in different ways we might wipe out the entire planet’s life or both can be beneficial to each other or because of one, another might start evolving into something else which can also cause a chain reaction and we can end up with something very dangerous or something beautiful and friendly creatures. Possibilities are fantastic here.


I like the idea of settling on Mars and I look forward to it. But first, we have to wait patiently we never know what’s on the other side of the wall yes it’s true we have to jump over the wall to find out what is on the other side but in this case, it’s different. If we jump without any knowledge of what’s on the other side we all may end up dead and no one wants to die this soon.

The challenge here is that as we all are aware of the fact that space industries are growing at a good rate so we all need to understand the facts stated above and come to some terms. I’m also a big space enthusiast but I still think that we have to make sure to do whatever we can to preserve all kinds of life forms even if it is interplanetary. Life is very rare and we should be very careful with it and do whatever we can to protect it.

Everyone needs to be aware of this. Yes doing overplanning and researching deeply and precisely costs a lot more and it also costs time but nothing is as expensive as a single life form. Life is a true wonder that originated from true chemistry and we must protect it.


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