Provizio closes seed round for $6.2M for its AI and Sensor-Based Car Safety

Provizio: Aim of Improving Car Safety

To improve car safety, Provizio is a startup with a technology combination of hardware and software. Provizio managed to get seed investment which closed a round of $6.2 million. The founders of Movidius, Bobby Hambrick (the founder of Autonomous Stuff), the European Innovation Council (EIC), ACT Venture Capital were among the investors for the startup.

5D Sensory Platforms

The five-Dimensional sensory platform is ideal for working of the startup as they say that it perceives, predicts, and prevents car accidents in real-time and beyond the line of- vision. The company says that the startup combines proprietary vision sensors, machine learning, and radar with ultra-long-range and foresight capabilities to enhance the “Accident Prevention Technology Platform” that can prevent collisions at high speed and in all weather conditions. The team of Provizio consists of experts in robotics, AI, and vision and radar sensor development, which will ultimately lead them to excellence in the field.


Optimistic Approach

CEO of Provizio, Barry Lunn, is pretty optimistic about the startup as 1.35 road deaths to Zero deaths is the driving force at Provizio as they have put together an incredible team that is growing daily. Automotive accident prevention’s future is in the hand of AI which also accounts for Provizio 5D radars as it is the first step towards to goal.

Team of Experience

One of the best contributors involved in Provizio among the team is the ones famous for developing early autonomous technologies for Google / Waymo, Argo, Aurora, and Uber that are Dr. Scott Thayer and Prof. Jeff Mishler, formally of Carnegie Mellon robotics.



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