These Raspberry Pi-powered Smart Glasses uses AI to recognize Hand Gestures

We all are familiar with devices that can be controlled with voice (Amazon Echo for example). But how about a device which you can control just by waving your hand in the air, sounds cool right! Well for the same reason DIY creator Teemu Laurila has come up with a Raspberry Pi-powered Smart Glasses that can be controlled by hand gestures and has uploaded a demonstration video for the same on its YouTube Channel (via Tom’s Hardware).

Teemu Laurila mentioned in his video that this is the second version of these smart glasses and has also provided the list of software and hardware needed to create one of these. So, if you want to build one for yourself, first have a look at this video:

As mentioned above it is the second version, so it comes up with a custom 3-D printed frame to hold a camera that captures the images with the help of Raspberry Pi Zero W and then transfers them to the PC for AI processing (using Python). Here PC is used to let the Pi know what gesture was registered. To make the device lighter Teemu has used a 0.6mm PETG plastic for the lens.

There are two demonstrations of smart glasses in the video. In the first demonstration, Teemu tells that you can increase and decrease the brightness of a light by pinching their fingers. And in the second demonstration, the camera captures a live video and transfer it to the PC to process hand gestures and then revert it to smart glasses.

Teemu Laurila is still working on this project and there are possibilities he will come up with new features. The hand tracking feature is something that Sony is also rumored to use in its next-gen PSVR, proving that Teemu is moving in the right direction.

I hope you like this information and stay tuned with us to get more information like this!


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