Samsung Display exhibits its all-new Bi-Foldable, Slidable, and Under Panel Camera Display at SID

Samsung Display has introduced its latest OLED technology-based products at the 2021 SID Display Week, the world’s biggest display exhibition. 

At SID (Society for Information Display), which started online this Friday, Samsung has unveiled its next-generation OLED products with the tagline “Better life thru Samsung OLED”. 

The virtual event has a long list of industry heavyweights, including Samsung’s rival LG Display, BOE, JDI Display, TCL, Tianma, AU Optronics, and many others. 

Samsung’s products on display at SID 2021


A multi-foldable mobile display that can be unfolded to 7.2 inches. It can be folded twice, both in and out to be sized like a regular smartphone.

Samsung S-Foldable
Credit: Samsung Display

17-inch Foldable:

A foldable display that can be increased to 17 inches with a 4:3 aspect ratio and can be folded to be tablet-sized, offering both options and a larger screen.

Samsung 17-inch Foldable
Credit: Samsung Display


A display that can be slid horizontally to expand screen size for multitasking, offering additional display area while maintaining a smartphone’s form factor.

Samsung Slidable
Credit: Samsung Display

Under Panel Camera:

A front-facing camera for mobile devices which are located at the bottom display panel to achieve a real full-screen experience without distracting notches.

Samsung Under Panel Camera
Credit: Samsung Display

Samsung Display CEO JS Choi said that the company’s focus was on delivering high-quality viewing experiences to customers across devices, which is critical given the recent growth of remote work and non-face-to-face communication.  

The company, which developed OLED technology in 2007, now has nearly a quarter of the display market and over half of the smartphone market.

“Samsung Display will keep developing various self-luminous technologies including OLED, QD, and LED. It will take the lead in growing the market by providing display solutions in various sizes ranging 1-inch to 200-inch,” Choi added.

Additionally, Choi claimed that Samsung is innovating display technology for electric vehicles.



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