Sapphire Toxic GPU.jpg

The last time we saw the landing of a Sapphire ‘Toxic’ card was 2016. There were no shortages of GPUs and no mining crazes, and we could go out with buddies to get beers. But now we’re living in a different world, and VideoCardz’s latest study reveals the oh-so-shiny RX 6900 XT Toxic, and what a beauty that card is. Sapphire is not only lifting the Toxic brand from its ashes with it, it is upping the ante and slapping an all-in-one liquid cooler with an utterly huge 360mm radiator onto the card.

Sapphire Toxic GPU.jpg
(Image credit: VideoCardz)

We have seen similar GPU models from other manufacturers, but while the products of Asus and EVGA are modern and have smaller 240mm radiators, there is something about the styling of Sapphire that just makes us nostalgic. Maybe it’s the name or the colour scheme.

  • Sapphire Toxic GPU ss
  • Sapphire Toxic GPU ss 1

There aren’t many details about this card available at this time. From the images, we can see that it uses an 8+8+6 pin power configuration, and that’s about it. No word on clock speeds—although you can rely on this GPU with a heavy overclock from the factory on cherry-picked silicon.


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