Seervision's AI-powered software can operate multiple cameras from a single PC - Craffic
Credit: Seervision

Seervision, a company that designs automated cameras to make live video production effortless by using computer vision and machine learning, has announced a new software capable of operating cameras like it was operated by a human and makes video production easier and less time-consuming than ever. Seervision is located at ETH Zürich, a public research university in Zürich, Switzerland, where students developed a prototype of this in the past to help them record their lectures.

As video has become a critical communication tool for businesses and education due to the coronavirus pandemic. One challenge for all who are trying to communicate with people (like their friends and teachers) via video during the pandemic is to deliver high-quality video. And to address that problem, Seervision has made software that can automate cameras in any studio allowing one person to operate and control multiple cameras from one PC simultaneously. As reported by Slashgear, this software also aims to allow companies to produce professional and high-quality videos without worrying about the cost and complexity.

To achieve this Seervision’s software combines AI, image recognition, and predictive mathematical models. It operates cameras like they’re being operated by humans and can anticipate the person’s movement in the image and pan the cameras accordingly. The software is flexible and versatile and can be used with cameras from various manufacturers.

With the help of this software, one can comfortably control the entire video recording and adjust the shot framing while integrating presentation slides and videos from the computer in any location. The software can be used for any type of event from sports events to business presentations. You can check the full project description here.


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