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The story revolves around a full-body gun slave unit Juzo Inui, who has one question, “who turned him into a military weapon and erased his memories”. A great war that occurred not so long ago which ended merely five years ago changed the whole world.

During this period a number of humans received robotic implants and mechanical extensions turning them into cyborgs and these cyborg soldiers known as ‘the extended’ were discharged and Juzo is one of them. His body was modified and his head was reinstalled with a giant gun. He has no memory of his previous life or who replaced his head. Now Juzo Inui scratches out a living in the dark streets of the city as a private investigator taking on cases involving the extended and Rouge machines. This smoke-loving man is not generic in the slightest sense. He is somewhat righteous who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty for a good deed.

Juzo Inui is an ‘over extend’ with a whole body covered with metal, thanks to the body he has super strength and is able to throw powerful punches. He is able to move and react faster than a regular human thanks to his cyber brain. He has a gun on his right palm which he uses as his main weapon of choice. Of course, there is a massive revolver that can fire powerful projectiles.

Juzo Inui - a cyberpunk mercenary with a gun on his head

The character development of Juzo is detailed, charted, and feels real. Juzo Inui is beautifully designed. The intricacies and convolution Juzo has as a cyborg are traversed deeply and medicated with a degree of susceptibility viewers would look forward to considering this genre. He isn’t that quintessential hotspur protagonist rather a likable one. Juzo is nonchalant and composed and takes decisions based on his innate sight. He certainly protrudes standard anime characters for having a gun in lieu of ahead. This aspect is drawn in a way to feel more believable.

So this was No Guns life’s protagonist explained. Feel free to watch No Guns Life on Hulu and Funimation.


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