Splay: An Portable Display & Projector that is now on Kickstarter

Meet Splay, a Kickstarter project that’s perfectly worth checking out. Splay is a portable display and a pocket projector device as well. This device weighs 2.5 pounds and can be unfolded easily to provide a large screen anywhere, anytime. The device has a four-hour battery life, outputs in 1080p, and can connect to just about anything, be it a phone, PC, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X.

If the concept of a pocket projector that can unfold into a 24.5-inch screen on the fly is hard for you to visualize then don’t be worried because there’s a video that shows off what the device is and what it can do.

Also, remember that this is a Kickstarter project. An exceptionally well-put-together Kickstarter project (in terms of presentation), but a Kickstarter project nonetheless doesn’t always have the best turnouts. In short, you must know the worst-case risks before backing anything.

However, Splay is set to be delivered to backers in July 2022 if you put money forth during the current campaign, which has a minimum buy-in price of $674 per unit. That $674 buy-in is advertised as a 48% discount off a $1299 MSRP, so those who don’t go the early bird route will apparently have to pay a lot more.

It’s a kind of different take on the portable display category of devices, so if you’re interested then do check it out. Whether you want a projector to host Smash Bros. tournaments with or just want use it as a super-portable second screen, this will be a great fit.

Do check out Splay’s Kickstarter page and stay tuned with us for more updates.


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