Steam bans NFT Games, but Epic Game says it's okay with them

Steam bans NFT games and will remove all the games that enable Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and cryptocurrency trading through blockchain. Its stil unclear how many games will be affected by this desicion.

According to the rules of Steam for publishers, any “applications built on blockchain tech that allows the exchange of NFTs or cryptocurrency” are no longer allowed to be issued through steam. 

Using NFTs and cryptocurrency in games has become a disputed issue as some have been accused of being scams. Space Pirate Games, developers of Age of Rust, had confronted the rule and stated that Valve, the company behind Steam Store, was booting blockchain games off because according to Valve, “NFTs have value.”

Some of the puzzles, under-developed as of now, will be rewarding players with NFTs as an achievement. Steam has already declared that they don’t allow any item that can have real-world value on their platform that is why they had also removed Age of Rust, said SpacePirate.

Valve allows people to exchange virtual items for Steam Wallet funds through the community market so, SpacePirate words don’t seem entirely correct. Steam could develop its blockchain and NFT integration in the near future.

Though, taking a differnet approah, hours after this news, Epic Games come out in support of blockchain technology and said they are open to blockchain-based games.

In a tweet, CEO and founder Tim Sweeney says, “Epic Games Store will welcome games that make use of blockchain tech provided they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-rated by an appropriate group.”


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