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MagSafe magnets

Apple says iPhone 12 and Magsafe can impact Pacemakers

It was reported a few weeks ago a study suggested that the addition of the MagSafe magnets to Apple's iPhone 12, could interfere with medical implants such as pacemakers. The company had recently had...
initial d

Initial D: 2 Racers who can beat the master of the mountains Takumi Fujiwara

Racing anime gives the viewers a thrilling endeavour better than everyone else. Classic street-racing anime Initial D has replicated the sensation at the full steer. Surprises twist n turns, techniques and strategic portrayal make...
Dan Riccio

A new chapter at Apple starts for Dan Riccio

Apart from being based on more than two decades of creativity, service, and leadership at Apple, the company today confirmed Dan Riccio would take on a new position working on a new project and...

OPSYS willing to pay $41,000, if you play games on their Overpowered PC’s for...

As firstly spotted by PC Gamer, OPSYS is a recently established PC system builder from Stockport in the UK. It's searching for somebody to play games on its PCs, offering £30,000 (around $41,000) for...