Project Hazel RGB Face Mask Renamed To Razer Zephyr As It Nears Market Debut
Credit: Razer

On Friday, Razer announced that its Project Hazel is now ready to enter the market with a new name ‘Razer Zephyr’. and is planned to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Even one can register for a beta tester right now on Razer’s site to test the device before its scheduled release date later this year.

Project Hazel, as its official site reads is the World’s Smartest Mask which made its debut at CES 2021 in January this year. It features two rechargeable and detachable ventilators as effective as an N95 medical mask. and also CHROMA RGB lighting which even glows automatically when it gets dark. Another hi-tech feature lets it get rid of the annoying breath fog when wearing a mask (perfect for cold atmosphere).

But if we see the new video shared by Razer the Zephyr face mask appears to be somewhat different from the original Project Hazel. As you can see in the video below now it looks wider and includes a grid that could be for extra ventilation or to help amplify the voice.

However, the company has not provided any additional information about its release or when beta testers can expect to receive their masks. But claims that Zephyr is 99 percent effective at filtering out bacteria. And with Razer Zephyr slated to launch in the fourth quarter, the only detail left to be unveiled now is its price.



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