Razer's Concept RGB face mask
Credit: Razer

Update: Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has announced at E3 2021 that its Project Hazel N95 mask will go on sale, in the early Q4 of 2021. He said that Hazel will be released in “drops” exclusively on its website, with the first coming in that fourth quarter timeframe.

Original Article: After making its debut in CES 2021 earlier this year, Razer now planning to turn its concept reusable N95 face mask “Project Hazel” into a real product. Being a Hi-tech mask Project Hazel has active air ventilation, CHROMA RGB lighting, and speakers to amplify your voice.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said they “were thinking, this is a concept project and is this going to be relevant when vaccinations and everything have been rolled out.” But now thinking forward he said they are “going to proceed in making it a reality and ship the smart mask.”

So as you can see Razer has decided to take one step further by turning their hi-tech conceptual mask into a reality. Project Hazel, as its official site reads is the World’s Smartest Mask which made its debut at CES 2021 in January this year, featuring two rechargeable and detachable ventilators as effective as an N95 medical mask and a transparent front cover made of waterproof and scratch-resistant recycled plastic, which further allow people to read your lips and see facial cues while taking. It also has built-in microphones so that people can hear your voice clearly and can amplify your voice, with the help of speakers fitted in its ventilators.

To look familiar with other Razer products it also features CHROMA RGB lighting which even glows automatically when it gets dark. Another hi-tech feature lets it get rid of the annoying breath-fog when wearing a mask (perfect for cold atmosphere). It comes in two color options black and white. Razer has also taken good care of users’ comfort with the help of adjustable ear loops.

  • Razer making concept RGB face mask reality
  • Razer making concept RGB face mask reality
  • Razer making concept RGB face mask reality

The company has not given any details about pricing or possible release date, just yet. This could be because Razer will need approvals and certifications from many health and food-related administrations, but don’t worry that won’t stop them from making it a reality.

At the end of his interview with Yahoo Finance CEO Tan said “Project Hazel is going to be a reality. We are going to make it happen and I think we will all be, unfortunately, wearing masks for a long time to come.”

Update: Razer’s Hazel N95 mask will go on sale in the early Q4 of 2021, exclusively on its website.

Razer's Hazel N95 mask will go on sale in the early Q4 of 2021



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