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Minisforum AMD Ryzen Mini

Minisforum’s AMD Ryzen powered Palm-sized Mini-PCs starting from $299

There are many Intel-based, ultra-compact form-factor PCs around, but the choice is somewhat constrained when it comes to AMD-based UCFF systems, so pricing is typically inflated. Recently, Minisforum, which specialises in affordable ultra-compact PCs,...
the life work of satoshi kon

How to define Satoshi Kon’s animation journey?

The more time elapses the more Satoshi Kon’s comprehensive methodology has made him a phenomenon within the animation industry. Satoshi Kon helped grease popularity and deeper perception of anime overseas and influence many Hollywood...
wormholes escape

Can Wormholes Help Us To Escape Our Demise

I am a very scientific person but there are a few things I have a hard time believing. One of them is that nothing tops the speed of light. I say bullshit to that...
MagSafe magnets

Apple says iPhone 12 and Magsafe can impact Pacemakers

It was reported a few weeks ago a study suggested that the addition of the MagSafe magnets to Apple's iPhone 12, could interfere with medical implants such as pacemakers. The company had recently had...