razer masks

We all are aware of Razer’s contribution to the world of gaming. But today they amazed all of the world with their new project Project Hazel, they are introducing all-new masks, these masks are able to ventilate the air and to amplify the voice of the user with the help of an inbuilt microphone. The Concept of masks with a microphone was flying in the air for quite a while but finally looks like people got their wish.

This new mask will come with an N95 air purifier, air regulator, rechargeable ventilators which can be detached; These ventilators support wireless charging, they can be recharged again with the wireless charging box. Now the interesting thing about this charging box is that it also disinfects the masks with the help of UV light making them reusable. These masks are made up of recyclable plastic reducing the impact on the environment.

More about the mask:

Razer told that these masks will be made up of scratch-resistant material and will be waterproof. Further, they added that masks will be transparent so people can see user’s face; these masks also come with two Lights inside of it, these lights will start glowing automatically once the user enters dark area; these lights can be customizable giving the user a choice of 16.98 Million colours and variety of dynamic lighting effects.

About the Project:

During the release of this project Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s co-founder and CEO said that this design will be able to provide comfort with keeping all the social aesthetics in mind and serving its main purpose in meantime.

Release Date:

There is no set release date for it’s launch.



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