Difference between a protest and a mob!

Recently, Americans on nearly every part of the political range viewed with sickening apprehension as a mob attacked the US Capitol building. One thing is extremely clear: This was not just a protest.

A significant number of us want our friends and loved ones to challenge things they feel unequivocally about yet in a protected and peaceful way. Because of that, it’s imperative to separate among protests and what unfolded recently in the Capitol.

With the help of some experts, we were able to breakdown the distinction.

1. Attempt at overthrowing a democratic process

What happened at US Capitol was “insurrection”. By definition, an insurrection is a demonstration of rebelling against a setup government. It’s critical to disclose to youngsters that the mob intruded on individuals from the senate as they accumulated to formally guarantee the consequences of the 2020 election.

US Capitol Insurrection by Mob
Capitol Insurrection

Ayesha Bell Hardway, a professor of law and the director of Social Justice Institute at Case Western Reserve University adds that “Those were insurrectionists not protestors”. The main aim of the mob was to avoid the transfer of power. The Capitol incident wasn’t just a simple display of anger it was an attempt to take over government entirely.

2. Physical Harms to Others

What unfolded in the US Capitol was not protest. It was not peaceful, but instead violent, nosy, and damaging. There was physical harm to others and deaths. So it’s important to highlight that a protest should never involve weapons. The so-called protest that happened recently in the Capitol included pipe weapons, a noose, and several other weapons. A protest should never aim at physically harming the opposition.

3. Individuals Destroyed Symbols of Democracy

Most of us know that stealing is bad. Hence, taking items with strong bonds to a nation’s history is far worse than petty theft.

In the US Capitol incident, one such item that was desecrated was the Speaker’s lectern. In a picture, a guy was horsing it off. The speaker’s lectern was so symbolic because it’s where we pass laws, to govern, to lead. Furthermore, by taking that, it was an assault of a significant image of democracy. 

Death of Democracy
Speakers lectern been taken off.

What happens next!

It may lead to legal consequences.

While some may wonder if the action of the insurrectionists were wrong, they didn’t seem to receive appropriate punishments. 

However, it takes time to identify who the bad people were and because of that punishment can’t happen as quickly.

The process may seem slow but all the culprits are punished after their identity is revealed and had to face legal consequences one way or other.

People should be encouraged to use their voices.

We all have the legal right to peacefully assemble and to make clear that you are unhappy with certain policies or certain acts. However, this doesn’t involve violently confronting law enforcement officials.

Peaceful Protest at Portland
Peaceful Protest at Portland

If you see something that’s wrong, you should say something, write to your local government, write emails, go out to streets, and hold signs just stay away from mob’s whose main aim is to create chaos, otherwise, you will find yourself in a very bad situation.



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