The first teaser for Girls' Frontline anime adaptation has dropped - Craffic

Sunborn Network’s Girls’ Frontline mobile game is headed for a television anime adaptation. WarnerBros.Japan has revealed the trailer and key visuals for the anime series that will stream globally this year.

The game is set in a dystopian world where T-Dolls (androids) are made to fight in the frontline of numerous wars. The game allows the player to “take on the role of a fresh commander PMC, commanding T-Dolls to fight against a new AI threat”, as per the press release.

Asahi Productions is going to animate the series and as for WarnerBros. Japan, they are going to produce the project. For now, no releasing dates have been announced however, it is anticipated to debut this year in Japan. The studio has announced the voice cast for the roles such as Haruka Tomatsu (Haru Okumura in Persona 5) as M4A1, Yukari Tamura (Suzuha Amane in Steins: Gate) as M4 SOPMOD II, Emiri Kato (Mey-Rin in Black Butler) as ST AR-15 and Nozomi Yamane (Javelin in Azur Lane) as M16A1.

Sunborn Network was founded by a Chinese game circle called Mica Team. The Network launched the smartphone game in Mainland China in the year 2016 which subsequently got released in Japan and the English-speaking countries (under the name Doll’s Frontline) in 2018. Furthermore, the game got a manga adaptation titled Girl’s Frontline: The song of Dolls, and in the year 2019 a 12- episode anime was aired on the Tokyo MX channel named Girls’ Frontline: Healing Chapter. For now, the Network is working on the sequel of the game titled Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium.



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