The closed beta for Konami's 'Crimesight' is now live
Credit: Konami

Konami has announced a new competitive murder mystery game titled Crimesight for PC that currently has sign-ups available for a closed beta test starting from today. The theme of this game is a sort of anime, Among Us, and Sherlock Holmes mashup.

The game is set in a futuristic version of London where crimes can be predicted using an analytical program developed using data harvested online and has led to reduced crime rates across the world. But that system predicts a crime that could “plunge the world into chaos”, prompting the system’s architects to create an AI called Sherlock to investigate and prevent this crime.

The trailer explains that the game allows 2-4 person multiplayer, and the game takes place on what looks like a virtual tabletop board.

As per a tweet from Crimesight’s Twitter handle, they are looking for potential players to test the closed beta of the game. Represented as a ‘PVP mystery simulation game’, Crimesight chooses one player at random to be the murderer, while all other players must figure out their identity.

This game divides players into teams without revealing their identities, where the Moriarty players have to meet certain conditions to get away with murdering a target NPC. Whereas the Sherlock players have to deduce not only who the culprits are, but also who the victim of the crime will be in a multiplayer competitive social deduction game.

But it does not have a release date yet but is available to wishlist on Steam. Also, sign-ups are now open for a closed beta for Crimesight on its official website and will remain open through July 10. The closed beta will take place from June 25 to July 11, you can apply to join it by the Discord server or engaging with the Twitter account.

So, this is all about it. Let us know your opinion on this new game “Crimesight” in the comment section. Until then stay tuned for further updates.


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