A New FMV Horror Game 'Ghosts' is in development that will only be playable at 10pm every night - Craffic
Credit: Limited Run Games

A new FMV (Full motion video) horror game “Ghosts” has been revealed to be in development by Visible Games, and it’ll only be playable at 10 pm every night in a player’s local time zone. Ghosts is currently set to be released on February 22, 2022, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

FMV is a genre that mixes live-action movies with the interactivity of video games. And this new FMV horror game Ghosts, written and directed by Jed Shepherd (the writer and executive producer of the 2020 Zoom horror flick Host), aims to bring the genre of horror games into the modern age. We will be seeing most of the cast of Host: Haley Bishop, Radina Drandova, Jemma Moore, Caroline Ward, and Emma Louise Webb reuniting and playing the main role in this new game, which is being developed by Visible Games and published by Limited Run Games.

Now talking about how the game works, players will be playing the role of a TV producer (sitting in a broadcast van) for a failing cable channel, “FrighTV” whose flagship show is Ghosts. Your job here is to keep a watch at a building to keep you and your cohosts safe from a Long Lady (there is no connection with Lady Dimitrescu here, probably), an antagonistic of the game responsible for hauntedness in your area. And according to developers “if you make eye contact with her, you’re dead”.

Coming to the most interesting and unique part, the game is designed to be playable only at 10 pm every night in the player’s local timezone, so every player will experience the game at the same time and has to complete the game in one go. For curious players, if you attempt to load the game before 10 pm, you’ll have to solve a classic TV test card which on solving “will give you access to an unlockable pre-watershed version where you can breathe and save your progress, but once you hit 10 pm all bets are off,” developers said in the press release.

Also if you leave the game or stop interacting with it, the game will end and your cast will die in “really horrible ways”. The Long Lady, an antagonist of the game will be designed by the creator Siren Head, Trevor Henderson, and will also be brought to life by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

This real-time horror FMV game Ghosts is going to be interesting, but as there is still a long time for the final product to come out to the market. You can show your support by backing the project on the official funding campaign page at Kickstarter here.


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