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We are part of the way through Wano, from the way things are going it seems like Wano is going to be crowned as the King of arcs at the end of August in One Piece, or at least having it formed some sort of holy trinity with Marineford and Enies Lobby arc.

Recently, One Piece has teased several titles for the upcoming episodes and they simply point to Oden and his very end. Follow the article to spoil yourself about the forthcoming surprises.

As per the translations, Yonkou Production has teased titles for One Piece episodes between 970-73. Episode 970 is titled “Sad News, The Dawn of the Great Pirate Era!”. “Raid! Oden and the Akazaya Nine” for episode 971. The following episode 972 will be titled “Setting the Score! Oden VS Kaido!”. “Penalty in a Boiling Kettle, The Hour of Oden’s Death” is the title for last episode 973.

The titles are pretty self-explanatory, every key leads to Oden and his hard-to-watch downfall. One Piece has painted the leader of Nine Red Scabbards as passionate as Luffy. Out of all the significant flashback characters in the story so far, Oden was by far the most talked about in advance. Throughout Wano, Oden was being built up for so long. The creator has provided a very different flashback for this character; his story starts with his reputation.

Oden vs Kaido

It is depicted that his actions live up to his reputation, the intent behind his actions are different from what his reputation paints him out to be and he never cares to clear his reputation. Not only does he not care what his reputation is he will happily take a worse reputation upon himself rather than have others suffer. The story of Oden in nutshell is taking on pain alone so that everyone else could be saved. Although, the end to his story isn’t shocking at all, watching the same will not be easy to watch.


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