Supermodel and Athlete 'Yekaterina Lisina' breaks internet with Lady Dimitrescu cosplay - Craffic

Internet is been obsessed with Lady Dimitrescu ever since her reveal in the Resident Evil Village trailer. Despite being a villain, the tall vampire lady went viral and became quite the online sensation. Especially because of the fact that she stands at a whopping 9’6″ tall. And being the most badass online sensation many people from the cosplay community tried to mimic her. But a recent cosplay of Lady Dimitrescu by the World’s Tallest supermodel and Russian Olympian Athlete, Yekaterina Lisina is arguably the best so far we have seen and brings the tall vampire lady to life (frankly saying for a sec, we couldn’t believe our eyes that its real.)

The former Olympian, Yekaterina Lisina, is the world’s tallest model with an impressive height of 6’9″, which is coincidently the exact inverse of Lady Dimitrescu’s height (9’6″). And also is the one of the most common thing in both the popular personalities, who are widely touted for their beauty. And turns out this makes Lisina the perfect person to cosplay the vampire lady and she indeed has pulled off an absolutely amazing cosplay of the character.

At first, she showcased her awesome look in an artistic video, posted on Instagram, and wrote “After keeping this a secret for so long, I am incredibly excited to reveal this special cosplay of Lady Dimitrescu.”

And shortly after sharing the video, she posted a follow post, in which we can see her in a curious pose while holding a glass of wine. Giving us a better look at the cosplay.

But as her fans couldn’t get enough of the previous ones and asked her to share more. She immediately granted their wish and posted a glorious full-body shot that shows the outfit from head to toe (best part though).

And I’m damn sure that, after seeing these pics anyone who is obsessed with Lady Dimitrescu, will say that Ekaterina’s cosplay is, without a doubt, the closest thing he/she has seen in comparison to the real deal. In the first post and video, she also thanked her costume designer, hair and makeup artist, and photographers to make this happen.

With due respect, all the other cosplays by various artists we’ve seen were the best but this one is honestly unique on its own. Now as this has gone viral on the internet, it would be interesting to see what would be the reaction of someone from the Resident Evil Village development team to Yekaterina Lisina’s cosplay.


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