Even though The Last of Us gained an eminent place in Horror Survival genre. The second part is turning out to become a disappointment. Despite of being the second most awaited game in 2020(First is Cyberpunk, change my mind!) the fans gunned it down so quickly. They claimed that Naughty Dog baited them. Let us dig a little to find why that happened?

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The thing is this game’s predecessor set a prominent place in the Survival horror genre and it still is standing at the top with a solid fan base. The Director Neil Druckmann already knew that the game is going to Cut the fan base to two halves. That means they knew the game can disappoint a certain kind of gamers.

Surely, the game is walking on the most sensitive ropes of the internet community by adding a varied set of characters of different ethnicity. In other words, it can end up provoking some communities.


Even though the guys at Metacritic and Pocket-lint have gone easy on the game and pampered the developers with a whopping score of 94% and 5/5, the users have slapped the game down to 32% and that my friends, is a pretty low score for such a hyped and prominent title in the market.

The audience rating on google is 2.4, still pretty low. Even twitter is going rash on the game. While some are complimenting the game for having intense storyline title with great sound effects and top notch gameplay. The others are putting the game to a trash bin by calling out the developers for their most foolish work that they’ve ever produced.


Abby separates the protagonists of the story Joel and Ellie. Abby is the new addition to the story. She is a character with a masculine physique. Joel gets murdered by Abby who first shots Joel’s right leg, then a character named Mel crushes Tommy’s head(Joel’s brother), Two male characters hold Joel and finally Abby strikes a golf club straight on his head, cracking the main character’s skull and killing him.

So now the main character is Ellie. Yes, You heard it right Ellie is the only one left to seek vengeance for Joel’s death and doing other usual last of us things in the game. Joel was playable for just a few hours in the beginning. For a few times you have to play as Abby too! The fans must be deeply disgusted. The playable main character is only Ellie who get’s in a relationship with Dina.

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Fans aren’t disappointed of Ellie turning out to be a lesbian(they shouldn’t be), but they’re unhappy of Joel’s death. As Naughty Dog used Joel as a main promotional tool for the sequel’s trailer.


Abby killed Joel doesn’t means that she was wrong. Joel killed Abby’s father to avenge Ellie. The previous part was based on Joel who escorts Ellie to an organization called Firefly. They were going to make an antidote from Ellie’s extraordinary immunity against the infection of turning into zombies known as The Infected. Joel gets to know that the operation will end up in Ellie’s death. And he makes his way to the Hospital. Joel ends up killing some Firefly army guys and killing the Doctor who was going to operate Ellie. And that was Abby’s father.

 So it concludes that the motive of Abby wasn’t pure EVIL. The story line destined Ellie and Abby to get a revenge. The whole Part 2 is about revenge. The main Plot gets paused for this whole Revenge situation and in the end the revenge was not even justified. The directors held back the motive that the characters crossed their limits for.(Sad for them).

Joel died to make this whole game a revenge story but his death wasn’t worth it as Ellie doesn’t actually avenges him. As a result, it turns out to be all Pointless.


The metacritic users rating was given 2.4 just 24 hours after it’s release. But the fact that it almost took more than 25 hours to complete the game makes the whole user rating thing somewhat absurd.

Yes, the gameplay was a bit clunky. The hard to understand character movement bottlenecked the gameplay. But the visuals, the sound effects and way of telling the story and the environment. That makes the critic ratings relevant. Many gamers broke the CD’s. Some yelled at Naughty Dog. But we should respect them for making a true visually pleasing game despite of the fact that they killed the story line a bit.


By considering the fact that the gameplay was somewhat good but the story line pulled back a little. The Last Of Us Part 2 gets 5.5 out of 10


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