Apple always surprised the world whenever they introduce new technology. This time apple announced an upgrade to iPhone operating system, that will allow the car owners to use their iPhones as the digital car keys by which they can unlock and start their vehicles.

Apple's latest iOS 14 mobile car key feature.

To get started , a driver will be needed to pair their iPhone or apple watch with their car  that supports the new feature named dubbed CarKey. That would require holding their device near car’s field communication reader, usually in or around a car’s door handle. 

Depending upon how a user sets up their profile, they may have to da a fingerprint scan or face scan to unlock their car each time they approach. They can also use a feature called “express mode” to skip the biometric scan, and can start their car with iPhone in their bag or pocket.

Users of the Apple’s carkey can also share digital keys with a family member or any other trusted contact via  iMessage, with or without restrictions.

If someone who was using the carkey feature lost his/her iPhone, there is no need to panic at all! They can turn off the digital car keys feature using iCloud. They can turn their apple wallet feature off too by using iCloud.

BMW has become the first to offer apple carkey feature. The feature will be available to 2021 BMW 5-series owners starting in July this year.

Apple said that it is working with various auto-industry groups to bring its digital key capabilities to more cars and is hoping to establish an industry standard  by merely using Apple’s Environment, or ultra-wideband chip, by sometime next year .


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