COVID-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020. As of now an astounding number of 9.24 million cases across the world have been confirmed with the US having the highest number of total cases recorded (2.39 million) as well as having the highest death toll due to the outbreak.

Studies found that being stressed may have something to do with fatalities due to coronavirus.

The physiological worry from basic ailment and elective medical procedure build serum cortisol focus and bioavailability by actuation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal hub, diminished digestion of cortisol, and a decrease in the quantity of restricting proteins.

The expansion in cortisol is a basic piece of the body’s pressure reaction, activating versatile changes in digestion, cardiovascular capacity, and safety guideline.

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Multivariable examination indicated that a multiplying of cortisol focus was related to a huge 42% expansion in the risk of mortality, after modification for age, the nearness of comorbidities, and lab tests. An ideal cutoff for cortisol was chosen by the utilization of maximally chose rank measurements. Patients with COVID-19 whose benchmark cortisol fixation was equivalent to or under 744 nmol/L had a middle endurance of 36 days; though, patients with COVID-19 whose cortisol esteem was more than 744 nmol/L had a middle endurance of 15 days



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