According to the report released last year, Facebook is the least trusted platform despite of having the largest user fanbase on internet. Now The social media giant Facebook is taking strict actions over the information gathering companies who were using automated softwares for selling Instagram followers, likes and scraping Facebook’s private user data on web.

This month Facebook has filed a lawsuit against two companies named MGP25 Cyberint  of Spain and Massroot8 in the US for operating a website that traded Instagram followers, likes and collected the sensitive information of Facebook users like passwords and other personal stuff.

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Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users which lures large amount of businesses that maliciously need the data of customer engagement online for data science and analysis purposes.

These lawsuits are not the first one, earlier this year Facebook has charged 12 domains which were containing Facebook brands and using the platform to trick Facebook users. Last year a data breach scandal was faced by the Facebook about Cambridge Analytica gaining inappropriate access to the private data of 87 million Facebook users which caused social media giant a whopping 5 billion fine. Now Facebook is taking serve steps to protect the privacy of its loyal user base , for past 12 to 15 months Facebook has taken legal actions against various other data pirating companies and websites that are gathering its user’s data.

Lawsuit Filed in Spain

The company named MGP25 Cyberint Services in spain , was unlawfully selling Instagram likes and comments and Facebook took this matter very seriously to protect its users. On 22 June, Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation, told the reporters that the MGP25 Cyberint Services was developed to purposely straddle the fence of

Instagram’s security functions and unlawfully established a faux engagement by imitating the original Instagram application as precise as the way it is connected to their systems. She also said  that even after sending them the Cease and Desist letters of communication and disabling their accounts so that they can be deterred to perform their act for gaining profit. The company was still practicing the  illegal activities.

Lawsuit in the United States

The second lawsuit was filed recently in the San Francisco court, in the US, against the owner of, Mohammad Zaghar.

Facebook claims that Zaghar designed the website to make users login and gain their password info so that the website can secretly gain details of the users from their accounts. But Zaghar claimed that the website was just to handle multiple accounts.

Facebook also stated that before, Zaghar was operating two other sites ” fast- and” which was trading over Facebook’s likes and comments.

It looks like after the Cambridge analytica scandal, Facebook learned its lesson and its trying its best to protect the data of its users and also aiming to win back the lost trust from its users.



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