Suez Canal Boat Meme is Now a Game Starring Bulldozer

Suez Canal Boat Meme is a Game

By now, everybody has learned about the boat that got wedged across the Suez Canal, as well as the memes that have sprung up as a result. What is perhaps less well known is that someone has turned the now-famous boat meme into a video, starring the tiny (but potentially mighty) bulldozer.

Four days have passed after the Ever Given, a container ship the size of four football fields, became wedged diagonally across the Suez Canal. As a result, one of the busiest rivers in the world came to a halt. Since then, officials have been working nonstop to find a solution that will eventually clear the underwater blockage and restore regular canal operation.

Suez Canal Boat Meme

Bulldozer – The Hero

As a result, bulldozers and diggers have been dispatched to free the mammoth ship from its perilous situation by dredging sand and mud from underneath the Ever Given. These efforts have so far proved to be fruitless.

How Does the Game Work?

However, for those who want a piece of the action without having to leave their couch or wear a hard hat, there is now an online game that will bring the experience home. The game, Suez Canal Bulldozer, by Eric Wilder, challenges players to move the Ever Given with, yes, a teeny tiny little bulldozer, using their arrow keys and J button. 

Suez Canal Boat Game

It goes without saying that no matter how many times the J action button is pushed, nothing can happen. The Ever Provided will simply show an on-screen message saying that it is “super stuck.” Regardless, it’s a positive and entertaining way to interact with a current event. Eric Wilder’s use of retro graphics and an 8-bit chiptune reminiscent of Pokémon Red and Blue is also a pleasant touch.

Analogous to Covid-19 Situation

The well-known Ever Provided memes have been widely used to express the enormity of the challenge in front of the humble bulldozer and its comrades. Many people have compared it to going for a walk to alleviate the debilitating anxiety brought about by the Covid19 pandemic. Wilder told Kotaku in an email that they “mostly thought the futility of the meme was funny,” so they had to “spin that into a game.”

Hopefully, a solution to the Suez Canal problem will emerge soon. As amusing as the game is, this is a (quite literally) major problem for those tasked with freeing the Ever Given from its aquatic confines.



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