'Whatever,' A Suez Canal-Inspired Game Lets You Drive Stuck Cargo Ship Virtually

Earlier this year, a cargo ship, named ‘Ever Green,’ loaded with 2,00,000 tonnes got stuck in the Suez Canal for 6 days. And in reference to this famous canal blocking incident, developer Napaas Torteeks has created an indie simulation game titled ‘Whatever,’ which lets you sail a cargo ship through the Suez Canal. This game will ultimately make you think that how hard such a task might actually be.

‘Whatever’ is the first game developed by Napas Torteeka and during its developing period, Toreeka thought how could it be possible and what were the Captain and the crew members doing to get is stuck that away? “When I first played my prototype, I knew how amazing every cargo ship captain is,” he told Axios. 

He writes on the Whatever’s Steam page that, “You will cry and finally realize how amazing every cargo ship’s captain is because it is extremely hard to pilot that !$@%!$# 200,000-tonne cargo ship with their extreme inertia through the canal.”

Whatever A Suez Canal-Inspired Game

While playing this Suez-Canal-inspired game players have to drift a massive cargo ship while collecting coins and safely shipping the cargo to the destination. The cargo ship will also drift from the Suez Canal and it is not going to be easy as you will going to suffer from wind gusts, whirlpools, kaiju, UFOs, and more. And until now it has 9 levels and 2 bosses.

‘Whatever’ is going to be available as early access on Steam from September 7. With this early access, developers only collecting feedback from users so that they can create a more playable game. After that Toreeka will be going to release a stable game. 

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