'UnNameD' becomes The First Player to beat entire Grand Theft Auto 5 Without Taking Any Damage

A Grand Theft Auto 5 player named ‘UnNameD’ has conquered the entire game without taking any damage in just 9 hours after 48 attempts, consequently becoming the first person in history to finish GTA 5 avoiding any damage whatsoever, and the gaming community is left pretty shocked by this achievement and his skills (a bit of luck maybe).

Grand Theft Auto 5 was released back in 2013, and in the seven and a half years of its span, players have been constantly improving their skills in the open-world classic. Anyone who has played GTA 5 knows that it’s quite hard to get through the whole game without suffering any damage whatsoever.

For a fact, at least 145 million people have played Grand Theft Auto 5, but it’s actually a bit shocking it took so long for someone to finally pull this off. The game has been used by speedrunners of all sorts for years to break numerous other records, such as completing the game in just a few hours and doing all sorts of other insane challenges.

It has been estimated that on average, one playthrough of GTA 5’s main story takes around 31.5 hours. Though other GTA 5 speedrunners have previously managed to complete the game in about record 3 hours and 20 minutes under normal sets of rules and skipping the cutscenes.

But the Youtuber and player named ‘UnNameD’ (first spotted by Dexerto) was somehow able to complete the entire Grand Theft Auto 5’s story without taking any damage, which sounds straight impossible, given how many times characters in GTA are shot at and attacked. The YouTuber amazingly went through the game’s 69 main missions, easily avoiding death by his amazing skills and strategies.

‘UnNameD’ pointed out in its video description that he could only make this possible by using a mod called One-Hit Knock-Out, which sets character health to 1. According to him, it took 48 attempts, but he was finally able to get it done eventually.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of those games that provides never-ending fun through challenges, mods, and much more in-game activities, and it remains to be seen if any other player from the community will able to achieve this or not. Well more interesting thing to see than this will be if someone tries to achieve this amazing feat in the far more realistic and longer Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption 2. For now, every GTA fan is waiting for GTA 6 which Rockstar might be planning to announce at the end of this year.


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