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It is come to know that, there is Tweet which is assumed to be sent by Space Agency of China. This tweet was sent by CNSA – Chinese National Space Administration Account. Let us know what the matter is.

CNSA is a National Space Agency of China which handles all the space program and responsible for planning and development of space activities. But here we are talking about the Tweet they tweeted on 24 April 2021 i.e, “With great ceremony, we announce the confirmation of intelligent life!”

Here “intelligent life” means life origination outside from earth’s orbit which we also say, Aliens. In this tweet, they are confirming that there are Aliens.

What are the possibilities of this Tweet?

The other accounts of the China Government have their label “China Government Organization” but the @CNSA_en account does not have this label.

This means this account is not a verified account by means this belongs to China government so this statement can be false.

The @CNSA_en account was created in June 2018. Its followers are only 5096. 

One important thing comes around that this account does not have tweeted any tweet except this in past. It only has retweeted tweets of Mission of China, UNOOSA, and more, and these accounts are stated to be under China Government.

Other accounts of China do not retweet this tweet. What does this mean? As China Government does not claim this statement or void this tweet this leads to confusion around the world.

So @CNSA_en account not a  legitimate account under China Government. If this account is valid, then there can be a possibility that the account is hacked and this tweet is not official.

China Space Agency tweet about Aliens

Purpose of this Tweet

  • It can be tweeted to create chaos around the world.
  • It can be a cryptic message that can also be understood by the intended user.

There is a Weibo account of the space agency that tweets every update of their country in the mandarin language (Chinese language). But they also did not respond to this tweet. So we can say that this tweet is not true until now. But we hope that we come to know about any intelligent life. I hope you got this information useful. If any query please let me know by sending your query in the comment section.


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