Looks like Even Bees have Learned some New Skills During Lockdown

Bees are recognized as very important in the food chain for their role as pollinators, also recent research shows that bees can detect coronavirus. Thus, this clever creature has several talents including math ability, face recognition, but a recent video showed their other perspective.

Recently a new video went viral on social media, specifically on Twitter, about two bees which can be seen unscrewing the orange lid of a soda (Fanta) bottle to get the sweet liquid inside it. In the modern age of technology, such incidents show that nature and different species have their own specifications.

Probably bees might work together but it is possible that bees simply dropped an already loosened bottle cap. It is extremely interesting and funny to think whether they have such a brain ability to pull off the lid of a soda bottle.

According to ViralHog, this un-bee-livable moment was caught in São Paulo, Brazil by a worker on their lunch break, on May 17.

The video of bees unscrewing the lid of a soda bottle has amazed many on the internet that such intelligence can exist specifically in the very small brain.

Recent studies show that the size of animals does not convey everything about capabilities. Small animals have less body mass for brain cells to work. Thus naturally those animals required small brains. With it, the complexity of connections between neurons could be more important for cognitive performance.

Karl von Frisch in 1962, (ten years before winning the Nobel Prize for research on bee communication) conveyed that bumblebees have so small a brain to think which puts their simple nature into hard instinct. After this, the question of how much their brain can manage has been tested several times.

Bees are proved intelligent in recent research even though they have noggin the size of grass seed, which is approximately 0.0002 percent the size of our own. These creatures not only learn from each other but can also handle tools, able to count to zero and can perform basic mathematical equations. This question amazed everyone. How a small-sized brain with its problem-solving skills managed to turn it into as complex as unscrewing the lid of a soda bottle?

Karl von Frisch’s perspective for large brains is still true. Many zoologists accept that bees can “accomplish astonishing intellectual feats” and also claimed that bees did so only by instinct and failed when faced with unknown tasks.

Von Frisch’s theory would be doubtful as opening the cap of a sweet drink is hardly a problem that bees are evolved to tackle in nature. Probably to get a sweet drink and thus for tracing it bees might drive themselves around the lid. It is possible that maybe it happened mistakenly.

Nature has its own number of unknown wonders. Thus in the bee’s brain, a single nerve cell can contact up to 100,000 other cells. Bumblebees were trained to roll a ball and thus put it into a goal for a reward. For scoring a goal they are required to copy each other movements and learn from their mistakes. They were amazingly able to do it with ease. Researchers wrote in 2017 that “now they have identified that many species have the capacity to imagine how a specific object might be used to achieve an end.”

With a small circuitry of neurons, bees might be capable of much more than our imagination. Thus be aware every time, what different insects are doing nearby you.


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