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So readers, here’s something that you may have wanted for a very long time whenever you felt that your PC slows down when you open up too many tabs.

To solve this problem, Mighty – a startup has come up with an idea after two years of hard work. Mighty is a new browser that lets you have more tabs open while taking 10x less memory – specifically no more than 500MB of RAM. It is built to speed up as it streams your browser from a powerful computer in the cloud.

As the CEO Rajiv Ayyangar says “I don’t have to worry about being efficient with tabs, I can’t just focus on the work itself. It makes everything feel quicker and lighter.”

Pay for it!

Mighty a startup has put forth this quite a different idea but the users have to pay $30 per month as subscription charges in order to use and enjoy the fastest internet connection without exhausting the battery or putting too much load on PC (due to which it lags).

Mighty Starts on macOS

Mighty has tried to make chrome faster and solve the issue of streaming space and complains about chrome being slow. It is providing the opportunity not to limit your own mac’s hardware but has as many tabs open as you want. Also, it allows us to use more graphics without having a mac dedicated graphics card. The browser interoperates with macOS features. You just need to install a thin client on macOS which uses less memory than Google Chrome as you just need to stream with video windows without lag.

Safety and Security

Mighty claims that privacy will be foremost for them. The cookies browsing history all will be kept private (‘not to be sold’) ever. But logging into a sensitive account that you may not own might create security issues. Do not mention the possibilities of those keystrokes to be intercepted along the way. In the end, Mighty being the Chromium Browser may have compatibility issues or missing features to that of Chrome.

Is it worth paying that much?

Well, there are other cloud desktop providers like Shadow or cloud gaming pioneer ONLIVE which provides these services for around $5 per month or $12-$15 a month. But they basically have non-graphical text-based interfaces which do not fit the idea of ‘streaming’.

In fact, Mighty allows virtual desktop web browser users to stream around 4k videos at 60fps in just a blink of an eye. Mighty claims the following as answers to the users every question about the services that they provide:

  • Work without the fan noise
  • Work faster, stay in the flow
  • Tab switches let you jump between tabs
  • The browser that’s always ON
  • Instantly finds the Google document
  • No more cookies, ads, or banners

Also as per Mighty’s website, they even tell about the Technical benefits like:

  • Over 1 Gbps( breaking bandwidth barriers)
  • Dedicated memory allows to run heavy web apps and keep more tabs open (50+ to 100 without freezing)
  • Save battery life
  • Fastest graphics
  • Each browser instance is powered by “16 vCPUs” running on dual Intel Xeon processors upto 4GHz, Nvidia GPUs, and 16GB of RAM. 

So now in case you want to subscribe to the Mighty browser fill out the form through the link here!



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