Warframe to get Cross-play, Cross-save, and a Mobile Version soon

At TennoCon 2021 event, video game developer Digital Extremes gave Warframe fans their first look at the next-gen New War expansion, along with revealing that the cross-platform play, cross-platform save (still under development), and a mobile version of Warframe will be launching sometime in 2021.

This announcement will bring huge surprise and benefit to people who spend a ton of time playing the game. And it’s great to see that the MMO genre’s most unexpected success, Warframe, survived for nine years and broadened the content and scope for nine years on this business model. Initially, launched for Windows, the game has added support for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, in past few years.

And now at TennoCon 2021 event, Warframe’s New War expansion, set to be released on all platforms in 2021, got a 30-minute live gameplay demo, along with two huge announcements, first the mobile version of the game and second the ability of cross-platform play and cross-platform saves which is still in development but can release anytime soon across all platforms. Have look at the teaser below:

However, the mobile version of Warframe (Android and iOS), currently has no release date, but the developers have said that the port is “actively in development.” These new announcements surely had fans super hyped and also, the interested players now have fewer excuses not to immerse themselves in the game.


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