Have you ever dreamt? Of course, everyone does.
But have you ever dreamt about something that lately turned into reality? This kind of dreams are known as ‘Prophetic dreams’.

prophetic dreams

In a prophetic dream, you may see symbols, images or events that are going tk happen in future. You may dream about some voices or hear some instructions about future incidents.

Prophetic Dreams & Visions

Are prophetic dreams are similar to visions?
They are somehow similar but the difference is that during a dream you’re asleep and during a vision you’re awake.

Why do we dream?

We dream to REMEMBER. We dream to FORGET. We dream to REHEARSE. We dream to HEAL.
As there’s no direct answer to the above questions. But we have theories.

According to researchers, the dreams are collection of images in daily conscious lives having meaning related to the fulfilment if our subconscious wishes. They are just our unconscious wishes.

We dream at the situation of rapid eye movement (REM). At this stage the activity of neurons is quite similar to the activity of the same during our walking hours.

According to Singmund Freud, ‘By analysing the remembered events from a dream, unconscious content would be revealed to our conscious mind.

Sleep Paralysis

Do you remember any incident in which you dreamt of someone strangling you, or having a dream about watching a ghost besides or or any other nightmare or such a condition and you’re not able to scream or run despite of trying again and again?
This situation is known as ‘Sleep Paralysis’.

sleep paralysis

Why does it happen?
During rapid eye moment (REM) a chemical is released in your body which causes a temporary paralysis in your body so that you won’t be able to do anything as it is only dream.

Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid dreams are basically those dreams in which you know that you’re dreaming.
Have you ever controlled your dream?

Lucid dream illustration

It sounds funny. But, during lucid dreams you have some control over your dream
Researchers used this technique to study about dreams.

Are Prophetic Dreams are real?

Well there are large number of people that have dreamt such dreams. As an example, In history, Abraham Lincoln had a dream before two weeks of his assassination in which he saw his coffin.

Prophetic Dreams and DÉJÀ VU.

As I’ve told you about Déjà vu in previous article it means already seen. So it can also happen in case of prophetic dreams. You may visit a place or witness an event which you have already visited or witnessed in your dream. So Déjà vu may happen.


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