Have you ever felt that you’ve done the same thing as you’re doing right now exactly in the same way?
Did you ever felt that the particular thing happening at the current moment has happened before in a similar way?
Have you ever visited a new place and felt like you’ve been there before?

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But you’ve no idea when did it happen before.
These feelings or experiences are known as Déjà vu.
Déjà vu is a French word which means “Already seen.”
You may have seen the same things in the past, but you don’t remember when.

Why does DÉJÀ VU happen?

Although, It’s not scientifically proved that why does it happen. But there are few theoretical concepts:

There’s a myth that these are the memories of our past life which somehow make appearance in our subconscious mind.

Some scientists believe that these are the memories that are vanished off from our conscious mind but when something similar happen to that incident our unconscious mind arise these memories again, that’s why we don’t remember when did it happen.

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There’s a devotional theory that God sends these memories in our mind to make us conscious about what is going to happen in the future.

Still, no one has proved it scientifically.

Now, a question arises in our mind that ” Is Déjà vu alternate reality?”

Alternate reality concept or Parallel Universe.

Alternate Reality of Parallel Universe is also a theoretical concept that other realities exists. It is a hypothetical concept that there are other realities in which things are similar to our universe.

For example: You’re a student of science stream. But what would happen if opted for Arts or commerce?
These both the possibilities may exist in other universe.

How can we relate DÉJÀ VU and Parallel Universe?

Now, we can relate Déjà vu with parallel universe as you may have visited the place in another universe. You may have witnessed the same incident in another reality. And somehow these both reality got superimposed.
Although it’s a theoretical concept but it can happen!


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