Why CSGO is dying fast ?

In my opinion, CSGO is one of the very best FPS games out there it suits players with all games styles i.e. slow as well as fast. It is a competitive as well as a casual game, it just depends on what u want the game to be. There are a variety of game modes offered by the creator itself, some of them namely Deathmatch, Casual, Competitive, etc.


In Esports industry CSGO still takes the 2nd spot in the competitive price pool distributed among many games, It stands below DOTA 2, another very famous game owned by Valve.

Now I will present my opinion on CSGO and about its future. I have played a lot of competitive fps games, battle royale games but still, CSGO is in my top 3 picks for the games I personally prefer to play.

CSGO launched in 2012 is a heaven for serious and competitive players with a competitive matchmaking system of their own, but there are a number of problems with CSGO let’s talk about them briefly.

First and the Biggest problem is the number of hackers in the game. In a typical Master Guardian – Legendary Eagle Competitive matchmaking game there is a 1 in 3 chance that you will find a hacker. Hackers have really destroyed the momentum and the future of this game.


Creators Lack of interest in making this game better, to be honest, this game stands where it was in 2015 no huge major updates have been seen till now in the game, even today when Valve should be doing much better efforts to make this game better they just aren’t and the reason is still unknown.

Now that a new competitive game from Riot Games, VALORANT is launched they are just trying to cover up their lack of creativity with small and stupid little updates like texture streaming where nothing huge happens.


It is just a minor tweak to the game’s texture and that’s it’s right after this update yet another update was launched by valve involving the hackers and new anti-cheat. You can already see an amount of work done on the anti-cheat as many hackers have already bypassed the New Anticheat.

So until and unless there is a huge amount of effort from Valve’s side regarding the Hackers issue many players will still never play CSGO.


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