World's Largest Carbon Dioxide-Sucking Plant 'Orca' is now in action in Iceland

Carbon Dioxide in the air is at the highest level since tracking began in 1958, and is becoming one of the main reasons for day by day increasing global warming.

To tackle this difficult situation Climeworks, a Swiss start-up specialized in capturing carbon dioxide directly from the air has teamed up with Carbfix, to develop a plant that can suck 4000 tonnes of CO2 per year directly from the atmosphere and then decompose it into the water and store it underground.

This carbon dioxide sucking plant named ‘Orca,‘ after the Icelandic word ‘orka’ meaning ‘energy,’ is the world’s largest plant which will reduce emissions by around 870 cars per year, reports ScienceAlert.

And the best part is that ‘Orca’ has started working from September 8, 2021, Climeworks has also shared the first operational short video, which you can see below,

The whole plant consists of eight containers (each of capacity 500 tons) similar to shipping containers, high-tech filters, and fans. It sucks CO2 from the atmosphere using fans and collects it into containers. Filtration of CO2 from the air occurs inside the containers by raising the temperature of containers to collect highly concentrated gas.

Then highly concentrated gas is mixed with the water and pumped into a depth of 1000 meters near basalt rock where it will be petrified or mineralized. After few years, it will turn into stone. 

The concept of the ‘Orca‘ is extremely new and expensive but it surely will brighten our atmosphere.

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