World's Smallest Cow becomes a sensation in Bangladesh drawing crowds amid the Lockdown

The 23-year-old Dwarf Bhutti Cow, Rani – The World’s Smallest Cow – is a sensation all over social media with a height of 51cms (26inch) and 28 kg weight. Rani is so appealing that it is out of the question that this little one can be a big reason for putting the health of thousands at risk. 

Rani is the smallest cow in the world and has been attracting a huge audience with her pictures all over social media to come and click selfies with her. But this has led to a significant increase in the number of Covid patients in Bangladesh. 


Covid-19 cases in Bangladesh swelled up to 11,000 for the first time on July 6, and looking at the situation, the government decided to impose a strict lockdown across the country to reduce the number of deaths.

And despite the harsh situation and total shutdown of the transport facilities, almost 15,000 people visited Rani in the last three days, says Hasan Howlader, manager of Shikor Agro farm, Rani’s resident. It is a topic of care for the people living there as well as for Rani.

Hard Lockdown was imposed in Bangladesh during 2020 when the deaths peaked at 55. The second wave showed a weekly demise of 100 people. Cases were reduced in May but suddenly sharpened in June. July 7 showed 200 deaths with 11,162 new cases.

Though people are vaccinated daily, following all the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the health risk still pertains.

World's Smallest Cow - Rani

Rani, The Bhutti or Bhutanese Cow

Rani is 10 centimeters shorter than the smallest cow registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. Rani is a Bhutti cow, well known for its meat in Bangladesh. No one ever wondered that Rani’s size, the result of genetic inbreeding, would become such a great topic of interest that it’ll attract thousands of tourists. 

Due to her small size, Rani finds walking difficult and is scared of other cows in the Shikor Agro farm. Therefore, she is kept separate from the remaining herd. She only eats small amounts of bran and straw twice a day. She loves to walk around, and staying in everybody’s arms is what makes her happy.

Mr. Howladar confirmed that the Guinness Book of World Records would be sending their investigators to visit the farm and see whether Rani will replace the old entry. Also, measures are being taken to deter the gathering around Rani to protect her health along with others.



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