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Microsoft is reportedly testing the cryptocurrency payment options on its Xbox consoles, which includes a “Pay with Bitcoin” option for buying its content. Microsoft has used Bitcoin as a payment method in 2014 to download digital content from Windows, including Xbox games, and after dropping this feature in 2018, it again started to accept Bitcoin payments in January only for its Microsft Store.

But now it looks like gaming-giants are again thinking of implement this method on Xbox consoles too as one Redditor has posted a screenshot of his payment options survey on r/XboxSeriesX, r/Ethtrader, and r/Bitcoin (thanks Techquila), and surprisingly it includes a “Pay with BTC” option.

This feature is only available as “a part of a survey for its Insider program for beta testing” according to a Reddit user. So further it would be interesting to see if Microsoft officially implements it, and join the list of company’s who accept cryptocurrency like Tesla, which is accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate currency. The move could be just in time as crypto-mania is blooming around the world at a large scale nowadays or should I say Microsoft has decided “to go with the flow”.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is in talks to acquire Discord in a $10billion deal, which could its second big deal within the past year, after completing its acquisition of ZeniMax Media for $7.5billion earlier this month.

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