A Youtuber made a Computer Running on Water and it Actually Works! - Craffic

You Tuber Steve Mold consistently presents to us the craziest, coolest, and most interesting scientific experiments and clarifications and consistently depicts them in a manner that is accessible and straightforward. For this most recent release of his YouTube show, Mold presents to us a PC made of water that works.

“PCs add numbers together utilizing logic gates worked out of transistors. In any case, they don’t need to be! They can be worked out of greedy cup siphons all things considered! I utilized extraordinarily designed siphons to functions as XOR and AND gates and affixed them together so they add 4 digit binary numbers,” Mold clarified in the video’s depiction.

The experiment isn’t without something reasonable of issues. On the primary attempt, water directs down the back on one of the gates causing a supposed “memory leak”. Mould likewise jokes that individuals may be utilizing his water PC to mine crypto and slowing it down.

However, after a couple of cautious changes, Mold gets the water PC running like nothing else. Maybe the most entertaining part is how the PC resets. We will give you a clue: it requires eliminating all the water from the entryways. Watch now and see with your own eyes.


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