a quiet place

“A Quiet Place” hit sci-fi movie to be adapted as a single-player video game. It will be released sometime in 2022. The movie plot inspires this adaption as the plot revolves around striding as quietly as possible so that the brutal alien won’t get disturbed.

This project was announced by EPITOME on Tuesday while announcing they said that they will tie up with Saber Interactive and Illogika for the development of this video game. According to the agency, The Quiet Place would give the full feel of movie space to the players as the video game would be story-driven. This will provide gamers a space to lodge within.

Moreover, EPITOME had revealed that the title would have its own storyline based on the monster-beset cosmos, besides the game is an adaptation of such a thriller movie. The agency vow to gamers that this single-player game will create full anticipation, provide drama to its fullest as it is in the movie. This project had already been started at Illogika.

Many hit game titles have been created under Illogika some among them are Rainbow Six and Far Cry. There is no information regarding gameplay, no trailer nor any concept art. But EPITOME had promised that they would share the information regarding this later this year.

A quiet place is getting customized into a horror video game 

Todd Hollenshead, the head of publishing at Saber Interactive had quoted the information regarding this project:

The success of the “A Quiet Place” movies makes it clear audiences are ravenous for more adventures during this cosmos, and iLLOGIKA is developing their own truly engaging experience. We are pleased to mention that “A Quiet Place” is the first game we’ll be launching by an external studio from the flourishing Saber publishing label.


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