A listing of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 was accidentally leaked on the  Hong Kong’s PlayStation Store. However, Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed the addition to the series. Furthermore, they tweeted a teaser last night to confirm the leak.

They posted:


The teaser video shows Giancarlo Esposito(Breaking bad’s Gus Fring) taking a deep drag from his cigar and that’s it!

Ubisoft adds a caption writing “Anton would not be pleased”. They also confirmed that Far Cry 6 is going to reveal in their UbiForward games Showcase.

Far Cry 6 leaked poster


The teaser and the screenshots has made a lot clear. Esposito is playing Anton Castillo. And he is the ruthless dictator of the island Yara. Yara is a tropical paradise frozen in time. Yara seems like Cuba in the real world. As depicted in Fast and Furious 8, Cubans have adopted the Flashy Pop culture of the 50s and 60s and due to their economic inefficiency the whole island drives classic cars.

Anton Castillo’s ruthlessness towards the people of Yara has ignited a revolution. Just as Fidel Castro led the Cuban Revolution in 1950’s. And in this Far Cry world the Protagonist is Dani Rojas. Dani is a Freedom Fighter for the Yaran People.

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Now the other Important character in the screenshot is Castillo’s son Diego. Diego looks like a long haired gloomy kid who is already being told that he’s the next ruler of the Island. In short, he is groomed to follow his father’s footsteps. As a dictator controls the island Yara . It is clear that this story will cast light on the dictatorship that is almost in every Far cry story. And alot of smuggling! The island is Frozen in time according to the screenshots. In short, it will be showing the mid 20th century culture too. The story will be a sudden rise to the revolution to the end of a generation. And I’m suspicious about the fact that the next next gen is already been depicted.


fc3 thumbnail mobile 325409

As shown in the screenshot Anton Castillo’s son Diego looks a lot like Vaas Montenegro. The scar on Diego’s eye is as same as it is on Vaas’s eye. Maybe Far Cry 6 is the prequel of Far cry 3. As every Far cry story is completely unrelated to each other.

Diego is the heir of Anton Castillo. Maybe this is the rise to the Badass Vaas. Or we can say in the end of this Far cry 6 some loops will open to uncover this whole Far cry saga. Taking Giancarlo Esposito as the main antagonist in the game will be an important asset. His performance in Breaking Bad was outstanding.

Far cry has never disappointed us when it comes to the graphics and physics. Even the gameplay is always vast. There is always a hell lot of side missions that makes the game challenging and interesting. And with this type of storyline there will be alot of check-posts to liberate and towers to destroy.



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