Recently, Yubico launched Security Key C NFC at a decent price of $29. It is a more affordable alternative to the $80 Yubikey Bio and $85 Yubikey C Bio that the company launched earlier this month. As the name indicates, Yubico Security Key C features USB-C with built-in NFC support and enables users to authenticate connections by pressing the safety key at the rear of the device. It supports FIDO U2F and FIDO 2. It works with many popular platforms, software, or services such as Microsoft365, Youtube, Brave, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Edge browser, and others. It can also be used with a lot of the best password handlers and certain cryptocurrency exchanges. However, Security Key C does not support legacy authentication platforms. But it hardly matters for most of the costumes because the key meets the needs of average consumers, be it professional or others. It is compatible with most of the phones and PCs in the market.

With this physical key, pirates are hard-pressed to infiltrate an account. So, users can secure their iPhones, Android smartphones, or Windows 10 PC easily. Yubico also claims Security Key NFC to be the most sustainable safety key in the marketplace and comes with pretty much everything that you need in a security key at a decent price.

Yubico Security C NFC is one of the most affordable security keys and offers USB-C and NFC support

Just like other security keys, the Security Key NFC is a thin thumb drive and includes a hole to attach to a keychain. For extra durability, it is equipped with a fiberglass-reinforced body.

Yubico says FIDO-based authentication surpasses other forms of multifactor authentication because it is “the only proven method to protect yourself from phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.”

Yubico also has a similar security key with USB-A in case your PC lacks USB-C. You can buy Yubico Security Key C NFC from today through the Yubico website. It is priced at $29 for a single unit. However, multiple packages are also available up to a tray of 50 keys.


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