The Esports industry is growing tremendously across the globe. Esports has already earned a huge fan and brought together hundreds of millions of people to watch the broadcast. Esports has the greatest underdogs stories of all time. Here we are going to discuss the journey of a geek-looking Finnish guy Topias Miikka Taavitsainen, better known as Topson, who turned from an unknown pub star to an absolute God, Chad, and finally Dad through the Dota 2 video game.

How does Topson go from nobody to an adored god?

Esports world championships will not only give spiritual fulfillment but a financial boost as well. TI (Team Spirit/The International), a yearly esports world championship tournament for Dota 2 video games, is the perfect example of that. TI has engraved its name on aegis to claim the lion’s share of a bajillion-dollar jackpot.

Topson is a simple pub star and his start was not like every underdog story that you would call thrilling. He pursued his Dota career at a very early age. In trampling public matches, those who saw his skills and moves call them unbelievable and creative. However, he also faces criticism from some of his peers for his weird playstyle. He was called ‘obnoxious’ and a quiet ‘weirdo’.

But all of that changed instantly. OG (Original Gamer Once), European power in Dota 2 lost their mid laner. They need a player to shove into their mid-lane so that they can compete for the TI tournament eight weeks ahead. So, OG has staked Topson as a potential alternate. But it takes him a few days to turn into OG official mid laner.
In his first-ever TI, he served as a mid-laner for OG and no one expected much from him. But he went to hit his opponent with his troll grade construct in the whole tournament. And finally, let his team win TI 8. OG became the unlikeliest champion in Dota 2 esports history.

Topson’s gameplay is exuberant which is in stark contrast to his personality. He was timid and had a reserved nature. But his TI win helps him build his confidence and you could see its effect on him. 

og topson

The nerdy-looking teen gamer develops a sort of swagger. Nobody knew or cared who Topson was before TI 8 won. But late Dota fans all over the world loved and worshipped him. With his dominant play and swagger, he transformed from Topson to Chadsen. However, it’s not an end, it’s just a beginning.

After TI 8 won, OG took the following year to formulate a new strategy for TI 9. Although, the strategy is similar to the previous- “play with ease and obvious pleasure”. Topson showcased weirder and huge flexes at TI 9 and let his team win the second consecutive title for the first time. His alleged 15-million defusal gyrocopter was recognized as one of the biggest brain moves in TI history. And people referred to him as Godson, a guy who can do as he pleases.

Topson, a guy who was unknown before his first TI to win again and create history for himself and his team. After the victory in TI9, Topson gets another name as he becomes the daughter’s father and transforms himself into Dadson.

Memes surround Topson transformation from Topson to Flopson to Chadsen and Godson says the stories of astonishing success and self-discovery that esports have ever seen. He’s had his fair share of luck, but the truth is, he’s as good below.

What does the future hold for him?

No one knows where Topson is headed from now on. Will he continue to play or quit and retain a 100 TI win rate? Whatever he chooses, it hardly matters. We can guess that no matter what this lunatic’s future, he is more than ready for it.


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