‘eSports’ the term most people consider as “a mere time-pass” or “you won’t get anything from it, focus on your studies” is being continuously climbing the charts every year since it’s birth. It rose from 2 guys playing

In the living room and swearing each other after one gets a W to a whole arena full of geeks watching their favourite team player getting a clutch against their rivals. And believe me they’re making tons of fortune from the tournaments. But not every gamer is eligible or pro enough to qualify to the Pro-leagues or sign a contract with a Professional esports team. Some of them still make a hefty amount of money without even playing. So have they found a chest full of money or a rare item?

Well technically, Yes!

DOTA 2 event

People pay these game developing companies more than enough to be able to play those games and that’s not enough to some of those big titles. They include DLC’s, in-game items, skins, special badges and sometimes it’s all about Pay-to-win. But my fellow gaming community isn’t that dumb. A lot of players have succeeded to find out ways to get money of it. The biggest example is Skins in CSGO and DOTA.

To flex their clout in the pro leagues or even in a random server Gamers buy flashy and uncommon skins. They can bet loads of money on buying rare skins of Guns, characters , items and the environment that they’re gonna get summoned. So the question arises, why they’ve to pay more money than the actual price. The answer goes back to those normies or Not so pro players who still want to make money off games. They buy skins, crates, or items in bulk or buy some extremely rare skins, for example- A normie opened a crate and found Dragonlore in a Factory new condition, to make it worth more he puts some more rare stickers on it and puts it on the online trading market. Trust me the collectors and pros can buy that skin for tens of thousands of dollars. They buy items from the online market and sell them for even a higher price.

Games like FIFA, CSGO, DOTA, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS have these kind of trading markets which can either use in game currency or actual money to buy and sell that virtual treasure and gain hell lot of money.

Now don’t you think only trading of skins can be the only alternative in the virtual world. The esports tournaments occur every year with a huge fan base of their respected games. And with that people can gamble or bet for their favourite team or player for the amounts of kills or aces or clutch he/she can get.

The net worth of esports have gone past 1.5 billions. And there’s more to come every year. So sit back and stream the live tournaments on twitch and start betting!



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