Supersonic Business Jets developer Aerion Supersonic abruptly Shuts Down

Hey readers, do you know about SSBJ? Yes, SSBJ. Well, it stands for Supersonic Business Jet. They are basically supersonic aircraft that travel above the speed of sound. And many manufacturers are designing or have been trying to design SSBJ.

Aerion Supersonic is also one of the manufacturers among them but recently reports have come up from CNBC and Florida Today that Aerion Supersonic has called its quits and is shutting down its operation, as the company is unable to secure funding to build its AS2 supersonic jet in the “current financial environment.”

What is Aerion?

Aerion Corporation was an American aircraft manufacturer founded by Robert Bass of Fort Worth and is based in Reno, Nevada. The company has been producing 10 passenger Supersonic jets to cut transatlantic flights by 3 hrs using “boomless cruise” technology to negate the sonic boom.

But readers, it’s sad to hear that Aerion now abruptly shuts down.

What was Aerion’s idea of Supersonic Business Aircraft?

Aerion Supersonic mainly focussed on the AS2 that would be the first privately designed silent supersonic business jet. The supersonic business aircraft would have the following:

  • Speed over 1000MPH
  • No sonic booms and cabin noise
  • Supposed to fly in 2024 and enter the service by 2026
Supersonic Business Jets developer Aerion Supersonic abruptly Shuts Down

Although Aerion Supersonic was supported by high profiled partners like Boeing and GE and even was appreciated by the Governor of Florida sadly it could not make it up.

What’s the reason behind the abrupt shut down of Aerion?

Well, readers, we must tell you that the business requires a very high cost for maintenance. So now Aerion Supersonic said that “they were finding trouble in securing the funds for the current financial environment and even said that they were going through appropriate steps in light of the situation.”

Moreover, for Aerion Supersonic to develop AS2 it would cost $4 billion and due to the pandemic, it has hit the business badly. The audience for the service is very few as compared to previous years.

But readers, it does not mean that if Aerion Supersonic has shut down, the concept of Supersonic jets has come to an end. No, there are other manufacturers too like Boom Supersonic who is also developing its Overture airliner with hopes of passenger flight by 2029. So this was all about the post. Do tell us in the comment section below what you think about it.



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